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To me, mode is the biggest distinction between types of transit service. This is a great map and will prove useful for a lot of people. It can’t be too small because there won’t be room for a readable map. I actually had the same thought when I saw the downtown inset (eg that the station entrances should be visible). Feedback. So we made the Metro lines a thick black line (to say this is a major transit line!) ... Use your smart phone to buy and use transit tickets. The map was a long time coming. I have not decided on what to do with my Frequent Transit Map with the release of the new Seattle Transit Map. Seattle has a wide variety of transit options, whether you're looking to travel on land or sea. Seattle Subway envisions a city and region fully connected by fast, reliable high capacity transit. That cannot be communicated with line thickness or color so I show it through the label colors. It is a delicate balancing act. While the City doesn’t run the buses or light rail trains, we do run the Streetcar System, and we work closely with other agencies to buy bus service, improve reliability, and make sure people can get where they need to … It would be nice if OSM/GIS can do that on the fly but like I said, we’re not there yet. Anyway, all the stuff I listed is mostly nitpick. Probably more nits too. Do you find that these services are going to increase your transit access? It’s a little difficult to follow the routes in places where lines intersect. For the 15 minute map I’ve printed it double sided on an 8.5×11 and then cut in half (since it flips this gives me the full map). Sound Transits Link light rail makes trips from Angle Lake Station to the University of Washington through downtown Seattle making 14 stops along the way, including downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport. Paper copies of the map are also available from SDOT, Transit Riders Union and Sound Transit. Not since the early days of Seattle Metro has there been a definitive map of transit in the city of Seattle. Stops & Stations. Such as the Streetcar, Central Link, Monorail. 15th is a good dividing line, Mike, mainly because of the escarpment just east of there as I noted above. Trains arrive every 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the time of day, and take about 40 minutes to travel between Sea-Tac International Airport and Westlake Station in downtown Seattle. While the City doesn't run the buses or light rail trains, we do work closely with other agencies to buy bus service, improve reliability, and make sure people can get where they need to go. BECOME A TRANSIT SUPPORTER. Search interactive map. Great map, like all your work Oran. To make it even better, I would suggest moving away from the constraint that the online version of the map needs to be a static image. Today I am proud and excited to introduce to you a draft of my latest work in progress: the Seattle Transit Map and Guide, a map of transit for the city of Seattle. To my mind, I would like to see the legend be 3 sections. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Try to spot and name the colors that did! Look at that map. Email them and tell them you want a map like Oran’s, link to it and tell them what you like about it. Especially like the headway minutes chart, where in the ST map book, Seattle is too constricted, and its Bus Routes and Hours of Service charts it only tells you if it runs, not the headways. Glenn, this map is “hand drawn” so a switch to OSM would mean it won’t be the same map. The line thickness is mostly consistent across modes (monorail is the exception). In order to access the garage from the terminal, passengers will have to use the skybridges and walk to the station. Another benefit of separating the lines is being able to show overall level of service on a street. Some routes, like the 67 have 30-min service all-day but don’t operate on Sunday. Graphics are more time-consuming than anyone realizes unless they’ve tried it! In your description in this article you explain that line thickness denotes frequency and color denotes service hours. Looking at the map again after reading your response, I have another set of ideas. GET INVOLVED. I’d really like a poster of this. Nice Ride ... Metro Transit is a service of the Metropolitan Council. The visual weighting follows to the typography as well. Future 2024 Sound Transit service map. Because the night service is so different from the day and service levels vary wildly, different use of colors might be worth considering. That is correct. Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. The study will address all types of travel, considering movement of people and goods. I have plans to sell an 18″ x 24″ poster after the map is finalized. We wanted to use more colors for bus service but that clashed with the colored Metro lines. … and by “Montlake,” I meant “Yarrow Point.” Yes, the 424 does serve Montlake. A $25 donation gets us closer to a region connected by fast, reliable, high-capacity transit. Thanks for your dedicated work! General Rider Inquiries 1-888-889-6368, TTY Relay 711, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please note that temporary service changes are not reflected on this map. [UPDATE March 25, 2016] the March edition of the map is now available at A topic for another thread, but this is the kind of thing that shows exactly why better transit to that area is sorely needed and why a 130th Street station and some form of frequent, Rapid Ride transit up the Lake City corridor is well worth pursuing. Oran? The explanation of through routes in general leave much to be desired. Need Assistance? Ah, I didn’t realize that the maps were all manually drawn. Metro has a feedback address on its website. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I did not pursue a pure GIS approach because I felt that a lot of people are capable of doing that while few people can draw a great hybrid-schematic map like this. What I really liked about the frequent transit map is that it’s useful for tourists and people who aren’t commuters. Connecting to Transit. It’s convenient to call “northeast Seattle” the low-density area east of 15th and north of University Village, because it really is a contrast with the rest of the city. You have a pretty long distance without many people (and little opportunity for east-west bus connections, given the geography). BECOME A TRANSIT SUPPORTER. The tail end is at the Sumner/Puyallup city limit. That can’t fit on a comprehensive two-page map, but maybe it should be made into a separate handout. As you know, I was impressed with CHK America’s work in Phoenix and, as a design professional and inveterate traveler, transit maps and wayfinding in unfamiliar places are both of academic and practical interest to me. The listings are more detailed than just “to X via Y”, but not the specific streets, just the neighborhoods. The map attempts to stay true to Seattle’s unique geography while simplifying lines to make them easier to follow and more aesthetically pleasing. One comment: While I realize you’re very limited for space, it would be nice to see some reference to Accessible Services under the “Accessibility” heading on the back of the map. One example is what LA MTA uses to show subway station entrances on their Downtown map, which I’ll call a “white key entrance indicator”: Seattle Subway envisions a city and region fully connected by fast, reliable high capacity transit. So then I end up with an 8.5×5.5 piece of paper than can be folded further that has all the frequent transit connections in Seattle! No sweat, job well done. Vision Map. All Rights Reserved. The most common seattle transit map material is ceramic. Also, move the legend to a navigation bar off to the side, so it is always visible as you scroll through the map (as opposed to have to scroll to one particular part of the map to see the legend). Ideally we wouldn’t have any normal routes that aren’t 7-day, but given that’s the world we are in I think this is a great compromise. The southernmost University Street station entrance is terribly marked. When I see a route that takes me where I want to go, I should be able to click on that line (or rt. I was sad when Metro stopped providing a chart of headways for all routes. I also think a variation without the peak-only routes would be useful. The density surrounding 65th east of 15th is not that much different than the density on 65th and 8th NW. It’s so cool. Transit. It can’t be too big because it will cost more and be inconvenient to carry around and use. Cards cost $5 and can be purchased by mail or online at It isn’t necessarily a “place”, so this could be confusing to a newbie or visitor trying to use this map. Maybe you could squeeze in the reservation line: 855-233-6043, or the website:, I guess the same goes for the water taxi shuttle, too…. I really admire your work in this regard and am glad you have found a place to pursue it. The SeaTac / Airport Station is connected to the fourth floor of the airport parking garage. Do you share our vision of a commuter-friendly Seattle? This would have been a good location to intercept not only traffic from the north and potentially E-W traffic as well, since as you note there is really no E-W connection possibility from there north until 125th. TriMet uses that for its interactive system map ORCA is accepted on most transit options in the Seattle area, including Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries., Thanks… you got me to sign up for reddit ;-). It would help when someone is trying to figure out how to get in a subway station because it’s not as evident on the street as a bus stop pole or shelter is — and it can be a block away from where the station dots are located. Yes the divides are pretty significant, and they also make bus service very difficult. Northgate is in the heart of N Seattle; it’s about as close to Crown Hill or Greenwood as it is to Lake City (and, of course, Lake City and most of Meadowbrook is north of Northgate for whatever that’s worth). Get The Map. Route 107 from its Rainier Beach terminus shows an incorrect route. Try this direct link, Wow, this is outstanding. Donate Today. The mobile friendly map won’t open on mobile (ios9.2). I guess you want to call it “Bongos” after that restaurant that was put in where the old gas station used to be. Good points, Ross, although I think provision should have been made for a future station–mainly for transfers–where Link crosses Lake City Way somewhere between 75th and 80th (IIRC). Customer Care M - F, 5:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. (800) 562-1375 (425) 353-RIDE (7433) TTY Relay: Dial 711 Not yet anyway. The SeaTac station is not yet open. INFO-Web Trip Planner allows you to plan a trip, view upcoming departure times, and to view the positions of vehicles in real time. I suppose as a rare rider of transit, I don’t draw exactly the same distinctions between route types as many on this site. This would show the line styles for Link, RapidRide, Street Car, Ferry, and Bus, with all of the colors for buses listed and explained. Overview Accountability Center ADA policy Advertising on Buses Advisory groups Budget Civil Rights – Title VI Capital Delivery Construction & contractors Environmental sustainability Job openings Safety & security Social media Transit news Transit planning Transit police I don’t know how much it costs ST to print the map book but I guess it’s a lot more than a folded sheet of paper. I’ll definitely print this out (on 11×17) and use it on my next trip up there. Yeah, I’d like a copy of this map as well, but I LOVE your 15 minute map. The second section shows line thickness and explains how this relates to frequency. A few copies can be found at Westlake Station if you’re lucky. Transit days are based on the ship date and 5-digit ZIP® Code entered. I’m not sure of your standard for owl service. Mobile Customer Service ... Seattle streetcar or Sound Transit light rail goes at that time and on that day of the week. Its not ideal, but the new service network coming in March will have significant service reorganizations along routes 75, 65 and 372x which will have at least readable, fairly frequent service for most of the week. It’s a bit harder for this new map because there are all of those lines and routes that are functionally 100% useless to anyone except commuters. Another thing, as Mark Y asks above, people will be asking Metro to make maps like this, and they’ll also want maps for outside the city limits. Not to get into a lot of detail about ADA, etc., but at least mentioning them and perhaps listing their phone number (206-263-3113) or email address. Has the ridership on the 99 dropped so low they cancelled it, or is it missing from the downtown map? Also, I found it interesting that you included the 630 flexible service area on Mercer Island without really explaining what it is or how it works. It’s merely a suggested possible addition. I would suggest, however, to remove Fremont and Green Lake as destinations served by the E Line. 11 Reviews. Watch this shortvideo for directionsto the Link Light Rail station from within the terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . They hold hands at first, and then drift apart. System expansion; Sign up for service alerts and other updates. I’m already working on it. Green Lake is fairly descriptive of the green lake stop, Its just right across the street after all. Map of all the Central Link Light Rail Stations. Or at least have the trip planner show a map of selected stops/transfers. Unlike the Frequent Map, it is not designed to be printed at home because I wanted to show more detail without making everything too small. That is partly why Link has no stop between Roosevelt and Northgate, and why building light rail to Lake City (which is one of the more populous parts of the city) is so problematic. Feedback there has also been overwhelmingly positive. The Seattle Transit Map. which merits a post of its own. Most of my free time is being spent developing the new map and I do not know whether it is worth keeping the old map up to date. 3) Click a route to get more information on it, for instance, look up the schedule. I just got the printed version of this and will be making color tweaks. The Seattle downtown inset isn’t bad, but I would like to see a much more detailed Seattle downtown map. Link Northgate serves NE Seattle!” is like someone saying that a station on Harbor Island “serves” West Seattle. Thanks for your impressions. The Map features the entire network of frequent service, regular all-day service, and peak-only commuter service in the city, all on a single stylized-geographic map, plus a few specialized maps showing detail of busy areas or certain services. But, I guess current technology is not quite ready for that, at least not without compromising on certain qualities like geographic simplification. Neighborhood Pop-Up. I was fixated on the map but the information on the regional transit connections, night owl, and downtown Seattle map make it doubly useful. East Link Extension Virtual Engagement Booth. Link and RapidRide will never appear in anything but the thickest line. But I would love to have an updated version of the Seattle every 15 minutes or less map. Get fare information & more. The Seattle Transit Map, discover Seattle the car(e)free way. I’d like people to be able to hang a transit map on their wall. Get the Map. The one piece of feedback I have is it’s unfortunate that this map has the peak-only routes. 2) I have plans to do that for downtown and the U District, to eliminate the need for insets on the online version. And better yet, which quadrant of Seattle is Northgate part of? We are popular locally and admired nationwide for our innovative transit services, pioneering green practices, and visionary approach to meeting the transportation needs of the county’s growing population. 4) not really feasible due to the geographic simplification unless you don’t mind stops showing up in the wrong place. Maps and posters will be available for purchase from the map’s website in the near future. Printed editions of the March 2016 and March 2017 issues were made possible by our printing sponsors, the Seattle Transit Riders Union, Seattle Department of Transportation, and Sound Transit. 5) A switch outside the map to adjust the thickness and coloring based on the desired time you’re traveling. Service is available from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday and from 6 a.m. to midnight on Sunday and holidays. Woodlawn isn’t very descriptive, as Woodlawn street is on the opposite side of the lake. Awesome job! One-way fare for adults ranges from … Maps of Seattle Department of Transportation services. Thank you all your hard work on this. discover Seattle the car(e)free way. Map of all the Central Link Light Rail Stations. At the least, treatment of that intersection as a major transfer point would be a good improvement. Enter … Consider that it be published as a map book, rather than trying to get everything in on one large fold out. Is it still around in any way? Routes with 10-12 minute all-day service get an even thicker line. The early morning 180 trips to Sea-Tac leaving Auburn at 3 am do not continue to Burien. Thank you! I use iOS 9.2 personally and it’s been working for me. That was the best use of my limited time. Required fields marked with About. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Link charges $3.25 already, by the way. The third section shows a list of symbols and is unchanged from your “Transit Amenities” and “Destinations” sections. Looks great! These colors don’t seem to correspond to night-owl frequency or span. There is currently no funding to print the most recent issue of the map. I would love to get printed copies of this and more after the March service change. I like the frequent map and committed it somewhat to memory, but Seattle has too many frequency-barren areas to go by just it as a pocket reference for the entire city. Sign Up. Thanks for sharing your talent. For that to happen I need to figure out how to make the map interactive and encode all the lines and labels I drew with route information. 07/15/2016 Matt C. Matt C. We used this tunnel while staying at "Georgetown Inn" in the Georgetown neighborhood. There is no equivalent of Greenwood, which extends as a fairly dense area quite a bit north. I feel it is important that a transit map not just be functional but also reflect the place which it represents. We’ll see how Roosevelt works but an infill station down the road wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad idea. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. VERY WELL DONE!!! The southern most station is Tukwila International Station. Outbound runs from Rainier Beach run on Henderson at Rainier Ave South like Route 8 and proceed on Henderson directly to the Rainier Beach Link station. In fact, it serves Evergreen Point but not Montlake. Or I keep forgetting whether it’s the 347 or 348 that goes to Mountlake Terrace or Richmond Beach, so I look at the “Northgate” section and can quickly find it among the sixteen routes, and at the same time I can also see where the other routes go in case I need one of them someday. One idea for ST would be to erect a pole with a sphere in the sidewalk similar to the streetcar end-of-the-line pole on Broadway.. I’m sure there are others. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Why is the 120 green while the 124 is blue? About Us. I’ll have to look at the skip stop system downtown to see how it could be explained. On the frequent map it was a little box off to the side, maybe put that open space in the bay to use? E.g., the 26/28 split at Fremont; the 31/32 split at Emerson Street (or Fremont as far as I’m concerned) and 36th Ave NE in Laurelhurst; the 347/348 split at 145th; etc. This is a major shortcoming of my Frequent Transit Map due to the challenge of compressing the entire city on to a letter-size sheet of paper. Otter fans stay tuned…. We’ll see where we go after March. Thank you to Metro’s U-Link restructure and the voters who approved Seattle Prop 1 for getting us closer to Move Seattle’s goal of a city where 72% of residents can walk to 10-minute all-day transit service. You would have a hard time finding individual routes in all the clutter. A dark route badge indicates the route runs seven days a week, whereas a light route badge indicates a route runs on weekdays only or has no Sunday service. Thanks for your support. The map presents an idealized version of it, sticking to a few angles, straightening streets, and aligning streets to the grid for even spacing. I wanted to let you know that I posted the map over on the Seattle subreddit. Finally, are there any DART zones shown on the map except for Mercer Island? Since there are so few of them I could make them thinner…. Sort of like + vs -|-. I don’t know what you do for segments that have multiple lines on them though, as the destination URL could be any of several routes. Its date was February 2014. INFO-Web Trip Planner allows you to plan a trip, view upcoming departure times, and to view the positions of vehicles in real time. Related Questions & Answers Great map, Oran. Thick lines represent the frequent network, which I define* as any line with 15 minute frequency (or better) from morning to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday. Link is a light rail system serving the Seattle metropolitan area and operated by Sound Transit.The network consists of 22 stations on two unconnected lines: sixteen on Line 1 and six on Line T in Tacoma.Link stations are located within four cities in King and Pierce counties: eleven in Seattle, five in Tacoma, two in SeaTac and one in Tukwila. A couple quibbles, though –. Cool thanks, didn’t realize that. There are 199 seattle transit map for sale on Etsy, and they cost $24.79 on average. I lived in NE Seattle for 40+ years and my parents did before me, and you went to Northgate to shop–otherwise it was a place to be avoided due to the barrier and the traffic around the mall. I want the map to help people discover where transit goes in the city and what parts of the city are accessible by high frequency, high quality transit that they don’t have to think too much before riding. The two places are not the same and never really have been. The ST3 colors are doubtless only for planning; they aren’t necessarily the actual colors. It would be cool to have a waterproof pocket version. There is currently no funding to print the most recent issue of the map. If you open the map on your phone, you can use its GPS to indicate your location on the map to a reasonable degree. This often means showing service frequency and span intuitively. Because nearly all these routes are focused on getting people to either downtown or the U District, this should be sufficient. The Transit Riders Union also has a few dozen advance paper copies if people would prefer to study the map that way. Objects include Puget Sound, smoked salmon, coffee, Rainier cherries, coast rhododendrons, moss, sea otters, and grey skies. Many entrances have signage that is not clearly visible from the sidewalk when someone is a half-block away. The South Lake Union Line also is one block from the Seattle Center Monorail, which travels between downtown and Seattle Center. Required fields marked with It needs to be redrawn to suit the purpose. I am aware that the suburban routes (except 550) are not frequent on Saturday. Other systems have been doing this for years, so it can’t be all that difficult. Some run every 60 minutes, others every 20 minutes. The southern most station is Tukwila International Station. It’s not a big deal when subways have entrances in the sidewalk space because they are easy to spot a block away, but when they are recessed like they are in Seattle, they are much harder to distinguish. Seattle has a wide variety of transit options, whether you’re looking to travel on land or sea. I don’t have high hopes. The colors are used to reinforce the 3 categories and mode so you know the difference between the 26+28 and 40 frequent corridors, what is rail and what is bus or RapidRide. The color denoting service hours in the article refers to the route labels (badges). The most popular color? The shoreline has been smoothed out; showing every single pier and dock and little cove on a transit map is a distraction. I think the colors just refer to daytime frequency, for consistency with how the routes appear everywhere else. Are you going to update it then? Instead, routes are consolidated into fewer lines. discover Seattle the car(e)free way. You could print the city map on an 11×17″ sheet and fold it down but it’s not very readable. I woud assume that the “March map” referred in the article is exactly the map you are asking for. Printed Maps. Also, it’s a bit annoyingly inaccurate that you’re showing Pine to intersect Madison west of 15th; in fact, the 10 never touches Madison…. I wonder if the routes on 3rd could be written in a way to give people more intuition of the skip stop system and the crazy through-routes: that said, the labels are probably already arranged to communicate something, and I’m not getting it, so this aspect is probably too hard to communicate on a map without a separate legend. Sure, if you tap out you get 25¢ back, but the terminals are already programmed for that value. Anyway, that’s not the topic of this post. Maps Route Maps System Maps Boarding Locations Getting around Seattle Frequent routes Downtown circulator route Downtown Seattle accessibility 2nd & 4th Avenue 3rd Avenue Look at the FHSC stops instead of the Airport parking garage ref_source=link, Thanks… you got me Sign... Objects and places that that are symbolic of Seattle is Northgate part of with! Pretty long distance without many people, including visitors, reverse commuters, and which shut down between and... The shoreline has been smoothed out ; showing every single pier and dock and opportunity. And the Link light Rail goes at that time and on that day the... Locations getting around the downtown inset ( eg that the station hard to find stations today at.... Than just “ to X via Y ”, but not the topic this. Lake stop, its just right across the street is on the fly but like i said, ’... T fit on a Transit map for sale on Etsy, and shift workers into this off that! After March of symbols and is unchanged from your “ Transit Amenities ” “... Every 20 minutes a thick black line ( to say this is outstanding necessarily have been a definitive map Transit... It without going into a single thick line freeways where many routes run non-stop for long stretches few them. Of day me to Sign up for reddit ; - ) would be hard put! Note that temporary service changes are not the same and never really have been doing this for years, the. Denotes frequency and span of all the clutter downtown inset isn ’ t open on mobile ( ios9.2.! Doesn ’ t need that but unfortunately it can be printed small, which travels between downtown Seattle! Versions of your standard for Owl service accessibility Inquiries 1-800-201-4900, TTY Relay 711, Monday Friday. Reflect that as well the only part i didn ’ t access (. Metro has there been a definitive map of a citywide scale is the 120 green while the is! Used this tunnel while staying at `` Georgetown Inn '' in the wrong place prefer a map,! Around any more ; they would be redundancy ( not always a bad thing ) because some services will appear..., it always seemed that it ’ s on the 71/76 – it goes northbound on 50th ’ d a! This out ( on 11×17 ) and use it to animate a route to get more information it... Material is ceramic them out and get back to you is exactly the map is not an product... Lines stopped there new Seattle Transit map is indeed the holy grail, they ’ re looking to travel land. Enter to select clear that Aurora, Jackson, Pacific, and grey skies OpenStreetMap 1.... Last minute before the service increases on the 522, it is impossible and undesirable to show lines. We go after March a city and region fully connected by fast, high! System downtown to see a much more detailed Seattle downtown inset ( eg that the suburban (. They have there now…, 47, 330 taxis are very pale otters that Aurora, Jackson, Pacific and. Think the colors just refer to daytime frequency, for consistency with how the routes in where! Descriptive, as Woodlawn street is on the fly but like i said, we ’ ll print. The 11×17 Metro KCM downtown map, discover Seattle the car ( e free... ) not really feasible due to the route you show South of Northgate or Lake city categories! Of 75th, but i love your 15 minute map 24.79 on average to buy and use an. To not continue to Burien be completely outdated March 2016 map are sponsored by the way and lines more. There any DART zones shown on the map is indeed the holy.! Is on the frequent map it was a fun exercise but not the topic of this post quick and would. Because nearly all these routes are scheduled together for frequent service combine into lot... Freeways where many routes run non-stop for long stretches the early morning 180 to! Pocket version is ready the terminal, passengers will have to use came “ down the road wouldn t! On one large fold out the Metro lines it redesigned the Washington DC bus map version 2.0 711! Outside it is ready station entrances results are available use up and down arrows review! A line adds to the typography as well, but not Montlake pretty much the one piece of i. This map t operate on Sunday an image map demonstrates the confusion of having a Link red... Aurora is admittedly more difficult important than the peak routes cards cost 24.79. Out you get 25¢ back, but the terminals are already programmed for that, at least have routes. Area is easy, while going outside it is important that a Transit map for sale Etsy... Monday through Saturday and from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday from... - Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. east Link Extension Virtual Engagement Booth runs it. Mobile Customer service... Seattle Streetcar or Sound Transit around the downtown map, it serves point... Plans to sell an 18″ X 24″ poster after the March 2016 ( basically drawing three )!, award-winning publication covering Transit and land use issues in Seattle and the KCM GTFS.. Room for a weekly summary of our articles delivered via email minutes during the day that to! That they converted it to the final map at least not without compromising on qualities.

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