Talent Pools_ This Is How They Can Benefit Your Business

Talent Pools are getting more and more popular according to recruitment trends and the many researches coming out every year. So, what are these? And how can you create your own talent pool and make use of it to the max? Answers to these questions and much more you can find below.


What Is A Talent Pool?


A talent pool is a huge database that includes resumes, ex-employees, referrals, and so much more. Smart companies usually build their talent pools gradually, adding to them talents that might not be urgently needed or fully qualified yet, but will be needed in the near future.


Talent pools are usually created by:

  • Keeping a good relation with ex-employees.
  • Reaching out to university students.
  • Keeping an eye on candidates from resumes you have previously received or candidates you have previously turned down.
  • Keeping an eye on freelancers you have previously worked with.
  • Not ignoring candidates who already have jobs, you might be surprised how many would be willing to switch jobs immediately for better work terms.


How Can A Talent Pool Positively Impact Your Business?

Talent pools can have a huge impact on your business, here are some great benefits of having talent pools:


1- Speeding Up The Hiring Processes

In the traditional hiring process, it takes 10 days minimum and 30 days maximum to hire a new employee, and when you are running out of time, this period can seem like forever, not to mention the fact that you would have to repeat the hiring process again if you couldn’t find what you are looking for, and yes it happens!


2- Reduction of Costs

Looking for your next top talent may require doing so much work that needs an allocated budget to be done right, a budget that can stretch and grow, especially when you are doing heavy advertising.

Talent pools ease accessibility to great candidates and for free, as these candidates are just a call or an email away.


3- Consuming Less Resources In The Hiring Process

If you want to do the hiring process right the traditional way, you would need things like: HR managers, time to go through hundreds of CVs, thorough interviews that need time and personnel …etc.

Talent Pools can literally save you so much in every area mentioned above, so why not give it a try!


4- Stay Prepared For Emergencies

There are times when a quick hire needs to take place urgently … LIKE NOW! And that is  when talent pools come in handy. A talent pool is the quickest shortcut to your next hire, so forget about job postings and long interviews for days, just give the few talents in mind a call, and that’s almost all it would take from you.


Talent Pool At Transcend

Since we have been in the market for years now, working with local and international clients, we created our own talent pool from early on, and with the years passing, our pool grew bigger and became much more diverse.


Not only do we care for our in-house employees, we also try to take care of every potential candidate in the talent pool as much as we can, by constantly keeping an active relation and providing training when needed. It is worth mentioning that most talents we hire from the talent pool become in-house employees, as the time taken to prepare each candidate makes them great in-house employees when the need arises.


Whether you want to join our talent pool as a candidate, or you want to explore the talents we have in our unique talent pool as an employer, reach us out today and we will assign your project to our best talents!

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