Positions You Should Outsource Vs. Positions You Should Not!

Almost every business owner at some point along the way will have to make decisions driven by scarce resources and budgets or simply a shift of focus and change of business models. One of the top priority decisions would be related to hiring, should we hire new employees? Should we let go of some in-house employees? Should we opt to outsourcing or keep it in-house?


In this blog post, we will help you decide and answer the questions above.


Positions You Are Advised To Outsource

Here are the positions that we strongly advise to outsource:

1- Content Writers

The web is crowded with great quality content writers in every language, and with high competition comes better rates, so if you want to tap on a great talent pool at minimum cost, outsource your content writing.

However, if your business is highly dependent on content creation, investing in an in-house content writer might be wiser.

2- SEO Experts

The World of SEO keeps changing rapidly, but the level of interference that should be made depends on the nature of your business and offering. If content (SEO & Content are best friends) is not something essential to your business, then just outsource SEO for quick regular consultancies.

3- Graphic & Web Design

Many businesses tend to opt for outsourcing when it comes to tasks that might be heavily needed and done once, then litely have to be repeated or edited on demand every once in a while, this strongly applies to web & graphic design tasks in many cases.

Remember that Slack outsourced its whole design to a Candaian company at the very beginning!

4- Other Positions & Tasks

Here are some other tasks and positions you should consider outsourcing:

  • Taxes & Accounting Tasks.
  • Legal advisors.
  • Call Centers.
  • Technical Support.
  • Social Media.

Positions That Can Be Outsourced … Or Not

No matter how clear things related to the above positions might be, there will always be the positions that you won’t be quite sure about.

So here are these positions, and how you can decide depending on your business needs and circumstances:

1- HR Positions

Hiring the right HR manager or a recruiting staff is a step no one can deny how important it will be to your business, but should you hire in-house? Or Outsourced?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each decision, whether you decide on the first or the later, here are a few points to help you decide:

  • Budget: Outsourcing HR can save you money in times of scarcity, because hiring in-house HR managers requires so much resources and time and training, all for a team that might be needed for tasks on monthly-yearly basis only!
  • Actual business development: Outsourcing HR can help you shift the focus to the actual development of your business.
  • Communication: Outsourcing can make communication with HR managers a bit more difficult, so hiring an in-house HR team might be better if you want better communication between your employees and the HR department, for less headache.
  • Confidentiality: In-house HR managers can be the best choice when it comes to keeping it hush-hush. if you want a higher level of security and confidentiality, In-house hiring is better.

2-  Programming & Content

The decision that have to be made here depends again on your core business and offering, so:

  • If content is one of your core business offerings, stick with in-house.
  • If web development is crucial or is even one of the services you offer to your clients, keep it in-house.

3- Other thoughts

Take a look at your core business offering, take notes of the tasks required to deliver the services your promise clients with, and try as much as you can to assign these to in-house employees. You don’t want to advertise for a service you are not developing in-house, it simply doesn’t make sense.


So what should it be? Call us at Transcend today and we will help you decide to outsource right, with a broad range of services, such as: Call centers, web development, digital marketing.

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