Outsourcing Tech_ Should You Hire A Freelancer Or An Outsourcing Company

Let us assume that the need to take this task or that to an external party has just arised, the question you are probably asking yourself right now is, what choice would serve my business best? In other words, should you just hire an individual freelancer to create the required software? Or should you contact a company specialized in outsourcing services?

The answer to the question above is a bit tricky, because depending on your business and the required task you as a business owner should weigh the benefits against the drawbacks per option! In this blog post we will help you make the right decision, so read further.

Hiring A Freelancer: The Good Vs. The Ugly

No one can deny how beneficial a good freelancer can be to your business, especially due to the fact that freelancing is known to be:

  • Cost effective: Hiring a freelancer means less expenses, as you are hiring a single individual rather than a whole set of talented individuals that an outsourcing company would provide.
  • Time Flexible: While the employees assigned to work on your project from the outsourcing company side might be only available during work hours, freelancers are way more flexible and have more control on their time throughout the 24 hours!
  • Requiring less of … : Working with freelancers means less legal documents, less formal agreements, less steps in the process of hiring.

However, there will always be the not so good side of doing business with freelancers, especially when it comes to these critical areas:

  • Unreliability: One of the major problems a business might encounter while working with freelancers (even the super talented ones) is the fact that there might always come a day when the freelancer is sick or has a personal emergency, and as far as any business owner is concerned that day is a lost business day, as there will probably be no backup plans or anybody available to do the job and deliver!
  • Unavailability: Talented freelancers have their plates full most of the time, which might make it difficult to find one in time to do the job, especially if the required task is time critical.
  • Unpredictability: One day the freelancer is here, the next day he might just disappear with no prior notice! And it happens a lot.
  • Jeopardizing quality & confidentiality: Freelancers are required to do the job, and no further, in other words, no follow up! They can also deliberately or accidentally jeopardize the confidentiality needed for some projects you are working on, so be careful.


Outsourcing Company: The Good Vs. The Ugly

More and more companies are heading towards partnering with outsourcing companies rather than freelancers, especially in projects that are either recurring or need so much time and resources to get them done.

Before mentioning the positive side of it, let us go through a few points that might discourage some businesses from outsourcing to companies:

  • More expensive: It is globally known that hiring a freelancer comes with less cost compared to partnering with outsourcing companies, but there are a few exceptions (Transcend? Try us).
  • More documents to Sign: Working with an outsourcing company might get you to sign a few more documents every once in a while.

However, the positive side here stretches beyond limits to benefit your company big time. Here is how outsourcing to companies are way better than outsourcing to freelancers:

  • Quality and follow up: Outsourcing companies usually produce better quality work, as the individuals working on the task will be multi-talented and have more eye to details compared to a single pair of eyes that a freelancer has to offer! And the proper follow up is usually part of the deal!
  • Always available: Outsourcing companies are always ready to get you the talent you need to finish the job, if they don’t, they will recruit more from their side. Either way, you will get what you need in time.
  • Broad range of services & talents: Outsourcing to companies means outsourcing to full teams, with individuals of different set of expertise, you can expect a full package of many services, from decision making and product management to the actual software development and quality assurance.
  • Perfect for big projects: As mentioned earlier, outsourcing companies are the right choice when it comes to big projects, bigger projects require bigger and more committed teams, and that is exactly what those companies will offer.
  • Committing to deadlines: Having a full team working for you means no days down, the sudden absence of an individual will be covered up by other team members, so, no delays!


Get in touch today and we will help you make the right decision.

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