Native, Web Or Hybrid Apps_ What Type Suits Your Business Needs Best_

You have just reached a point in your business, where you know for sure that you need a new application developed, you propose that to your team, they say “yes, great idea!”, then … Suddenly someone asks, “What kind of application should it be? Native? Web? Or Hybrid?”, and now you stand there with a big “huh?” expression on your face!


Unfortunately, you have just walked into the World of somehow a confusing terminology, especially if you don’t have a technical background, but no worries, we have you covered. Read on to find out what each type means, and how you can decide.


The Different Types of Apps: Understand The Terminology First

Here is a quick guide on what each type means, and how to choose the right one for you:


1- Native Apps

Simply put, Native Apps are:

  • Applications you can install from the device store, such as: Google Play or the App Store.
  • Especially designed based on the device operating system, for example:
    • Native apps for Android are built using Java or C++ or Kotlin.
    • Native apps for iOS are built using Objective-C or Swift.
    • Native apps for Windows phones are built using C#.
  • Applications that can be built in a way that leverages different internal features and data stored locally on the device they were built for, such as having full access to: Camera, contact information, geo locations … etc.


2- Web Apps

Simply put, Web Apps are:

  • Apps that you don’t have to download from the device store, rather, they can be accessed through your device Internet browser.
  • Apps that can be built easily using :JavaScript, HTML5, CSS.
  • Apps that don’t have to be built by writing a different code for each device or operating system, instead, probably one code for all browsers with some minor modifications to be compatible with each browser, be it Chrome or Firefox or else.


3- Hybrid Apps

Simply put, Hybrid Apps are applications that are half Web/Half Native Apps, basically a combination of the previously mentioned apps.


You can find some hybrid apps on the App Store or Google Play. This kind of applications are usually the middle ground where the web & native apps meet when it comes to: cost, time to develop, maintenance … etc.


What Type of Apps Should You Go With?

The choice you should be making depends on different factors, here is the best choice for each variable:

  • Application Speed: Native apps are the fastest, as these are OS-dependent apps that can run offline.
  • Cost: Generally speaking, Web apps can be the cheapest,since this kind of apps doesn’t need to be built in “different” versions using completely “different” programming languages to run on “different” devices and “different” operating systems! This requires less developers, less time, and …. less money!
  • Time Needed for Development: Web Apps get developed faster than native and hybrid apps.
  • User Accessibility: When installed, native & hybrid apps usually appear as icons on your device home screen, through these icons you can simply access the app. However, web apps don’t usually come with such icons, so users sometimes forget such apps exist!
  • App Maintenance: Native apps require a higher level of maintenance compared to web and hybrid apps, since you need to keep these apps up to date all the time with each device & operating system update.
  • Apps Consistency: With apps such as native apps, it might be hard to provide the same features on different platforms and devices, so be careful.
  • Working Offline: If you want your app to work offline, you should either go for a native or a hybrid app, as web apps can never run offline.
  • Perfermonace: Native apps usually perform better than hybrid and web apps in general.


Now, you know how to answer the question above, and in case you want someone to help you decide, or if you want to spare your in-house team the time and effort needed to develop such apps, we are here for you.


We at Transcend can help you make the right decision for your needs, and can also develop the app you want from A to Z! Our skilled team and huge talent pool are equipped with all the right skills to develop any type of applications, whether web or native or hybrid or any other type! Give us a call today.

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