Looking For A New Excellent Employee_ 7 Tips To Find & Recruit Him!

Recruiting great talent for your business might be really challenging. You might come across impressive CVs that do not reflect the poor skills of their owners, and unimpressive CVs that do not reflect the topnotch skills of their owners! What should you do then?!

Here are a few tips from top recruitment agencies around the World to help you recruit the right staff:

1- Create Your Own Talent Pool

If you are looking for new talented employees to recruit, don’t just let these talents hear from you when you need them, start engaging with them early on even before a vacancy arises.

Create a pool of candidates you can reach out to whenever there is a vacancy, by doing the following:

  • Go to Universities, start engaging with students before they graduate, get to know them in advance and help in their professional training. By the time they graduate, they will be the talent ready to work for your company whenever you have a suitable vacancy.
  • Don’t discard the candidates who previously applied to other vacancies and failed, if that candidate could be a great fit for another vacancy that will be open soon, keep in touch with him.
  • Go to the places and events where you might meet the talents you are looking for, such as relevant conferences and meetups.
  • Use modern recruitment and headhunting tools and websites, such as LinkedIn.


2- Encourage Current Employees To Help You Recruit

Your current employees might be a great source for talent hunting, they might know previous co-workers who would fit the current vacancy perfectly, or they might have just accidentally met the talent you are looking for at a conference somewhere, make sure to listen to them and give their recommendations a try, you might be surprised.


3- Invest Time In Writing Job Descriptions

No matter how urgent the new vacancy has to be filled, never go for ready templates or quickly written poor job descriptions.

But what is a good job description? A good job description doesn’t contain any misleading information, be it regarding the salary or the actual job duties, it is specific and detailed and realistic. This way you will attract the right candidates who are unlikely to leave after getting hired, as they came in knowing exactly what the job would look like.


4- Take Care Of Your Reputation As An Employer

If good employees and great talents think or hear bad things about you as an employer or negative things about your company’s work environment, they will be discouraged to apply. Therefore, be warned, and listen to what others have to say about your company to constantly improve your reputation, and to become an employer many talents would be thrilled to work for.


5- Make Use Of Current Technologies

There are many websites and software tools that will help you big time when it comes to recruiting the best candidates out there, such as:

  • LinkedIn, a great talent hunting network.
  • Resume classifying software, these can be easily used to help you classify and select the best CVs out there out of the hundreds/thousands you have received.
  • Use your website for recruitment, direct candidates to upload their resumes there.

6- Take A Closer Look At Your Own Employees

Sometimes the talent you are looking for is already a talent you have hired, but maybe not in the right department. So, make sure you constantly run employees assessments and talk to department managers frequently, sometimes it only takes a relocation of an employee from a department to another! And there you have it, the talent you are looking for right under your nose.

7- Details You Should Not Overlook

Here are a few details that could give you hints on how good and professional a potential candidate is:

  • The references mentioned in the resume.
  • The candidate social profiles.
  • The voluntary work record.


We at transcend make sure that every recruit we make fully abides by the above and much more, we can also help you recruit the right talents accordingly, what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

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