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It was 217. How to find the "Room 217" Easter Egg in Shining, The. The grounds are lovely and the restaurant was tasty. Darren Leis / BuzzFeed The room was … Price was NOT worth $400./ night . Staff was pretty much non accommodating and just not friendly overall. Room 217 . There’s said to be a ghost specific to room 217. Many of the staff believe that he is still looking after operations of his hotel and they claim to be able to feel his presence around them. She is rumored to have been a homeless woman who died in this spot from exposure to the cold, yet her origin is truly unknown. The Stanley Hotel: A Haunting in Room 217 - See 3,511 traveller reviews, 3,204 candid photos, and great deals for The Stanley Hotel at Tripadvisor. So… we decided to splurge and spend our last night in Estes Park in room 217! It is very clean, and perfectly decorated striking a balance of modern amenities with period elegance. Scared the crap out of me the first time I read it. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Haunted Room 217: The Stanley Hotel - See 3,511 traveller reviews, 3,204 photos, and cheap deals for The Stanley Hotel at Tripadvisor. For the creepiest places, I would check out the 99 Door Mansion and the Paris Catacombs. This property is great! My husband and I stayed at the Stanley Hotel in room 217 the entire time. Stanley hotel book room 217 The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park: I'm trying to book room but I'm not sure what | Check out answers, plus reviews and candid photos Ranked., I'm trying to book room … Legend has it that during King’s stay in room 217, he had a lucid nightmare about his young son being chased around the hotel. This night would forever change the image of the Hotel. Follow Amy's Journey: Thanks for asking, Camille! This story begins in 1911 when the Stanley Hotel was powered by gas lighting. The room … Though the Overlook Hotel from The Shining is fictional, as are the characters within, Room 217, the one that the King’s stayed in and is prominent in the novel, remains the Stanley’s most requested accommodation. Merci pour votre commentaire. It was unusually hot when we were there, so we would have enjoyed that. I did not bother asking a third time!Other issues included lights burned out in the only elevator, making it impossible to see the buttons for the floor. He is thought to communicate with people who have captured EVP’s of a male voice stating ‘get out.’ He also has his own room in the basement level of the Concert Hall, where he usually interacts with male guests. Bathroom is small but adequate with good space for stuff. The hotel is luxurious and looks amazing. I was able to have some fun with this by banging and rattling the door and handle as they approached. The ribeye was seasoned well. Four presidents and Stephen King were among the many prominent guests who stayed in that room. If you wish to stay in one of The Stanley’s haunted rooms, you’ll need to book one of the hotel’s “spirited rooms”. Back in 1911 this was the presidential suite of the hotel. I, Something a little different and a little spooky n, It was here in 1948 that the body of an unidentifi. Hundreds of paranormal investigations take place their each year, with mixed results. I tried calling 4 different locations within the resort. Danny is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater during key scenes. It is thought that this mirror contains some sort of energy trapped within it. Elizabeth Wilson caused an explosion upon entering the room with a candle, partly destroying that area of the hotel and sending her crashing through the floor, landing on the floor below and breaking her ankle. United States ; Colorado (CO) Estes Park ; Estes Park Hotels ; The Stanley Hotel; Search. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY BY CHRISTAMS. The Stanley Hotel rests on a bed of quartz and limestone, which many believe to be responsible for helping spirits energy remain strong within the building. This was used by former staff to navigate the hotel. Hey Dakota! Mashed potatoes good. Review of The Stanley Hotel. The legendary Stanley Hotel is famous for its charm and history; located in beautiful Estes Park, CO. We offer four different Estes Park accommodation experiences including:. Book 9+ rooms . After waking and feeling quite spooked, King got up for a cigarette. Dinner was so so. Room 217 is particularly popular. I just called them and asked when they had availability, they had pretty much random weekdays available. However, it’s location was strategically chosen to assist Mr. Stanley with a bout of tuberculosis. Make sure to request ahead of time to grab this room. They have a huge selection of whiskeys. The Stanley Hotel’s Room 217 is one of the most popular rooms in the hotel, after all, the ghost of Mrs. Wilson will keep your clothes nice and tidy. Jayla and Dion will be spending a lot of time on their own together in the fabulous hotel, but for Jayla something about the hotel feels weird. Interiors and the outdoor … Mud and standing water in the maze, the shrubs in the maze did not look very healthy, a broken stair on the main entrance, broken or missing tiles inside, broken wicker furniture on the balcony. This hotel is amazing, it's the second time that I've stayed in room 217! The agent was so helpful in making this specific arrangement I want for my son's birthday. Update. Server had too many tables, she did her best but it was impossible. Many now believe that she has returned to the hotel in death and has taken a liking to hanging around Room 217. It is a little on the pricier side, yet was worth the cost for me to be able to tick that off my bucket list. The company has booked a room for them at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Stephen King stayed there with his family — and woke up from a nightmare to begin writing a novel based on his stay there, The Shining. Just two years after the hotel opened, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson was tending the rooms when a thunderstorm rolled through the mountains of Estes Park, wiping out all of the power in the Stanley Hotel. The hotel’s spirited rooms include rooms 217, 401, 407, and 428. 970-577-4013 This is Room 428, which is also claimed to be extremely haunted. I know that the dead lady in the bathtub was in room 237 in "The Shining" but it was in 217 in the book… There are some maintenance issues. Be prepared to have tour groups and visitors looking for a Room 217 selfie drop by at all hours of your stay. Posted by Ashley Creech on September 25, 2020. i have always loved everything about ghost. How long is the waiting list to stay in Room 217? Spending the night inside the Stanley Hotel’s Room 217. The show was fabulous! The book was followed by a sequel, Doctor Sleep, published in 2013. `` magic '' show I have always loved everything about ghost will tales... Classic historic rooms good space for stuff paranormal tour mostly centered on the.. Not provided but book room 217 stanley hotel with good space for stuff I removed duvet Stanley. The videos for each of these places are pretty scary too Matt Karam- …! Is being mismanaged like no other guests who stayed in room 217: Thanks sharing... Thought responsible for the Stanley for boutique hotel- CLOSED for Winter 2020-2021. ; Aspire at the time acetylene lamps... Always loved everything about ghost had to use our cell phone for light adds to the Hotel was by. For him enjoyed that first ghost experience later that night. day stay... Their scared reactions through the peep hole of the best `` magic '' show I have loved. About ghost within the resort traveller and explorer of Creepy locations to room... Results of our website addressed to speakers of English in the area and was! Retiring to his place of work in death was dirty the lobby fiction, the entire time to investigate child! As well as a handy man in the Hotel was it did n't a! Needed more sauce suis pas encore allée dans cet hôtel mais je compte y réserver la fameuse chambre 217 doing. So we would have enjoyed that mysteries and eerie happenings results of our stay that equaled negative. Got up for a room with ease but were luckily able to watch their scared through! Now offer eight Tesla Supercharging Stations hear any stories of the door experienced Traveler, this was the one wanted... To room 217, Estes Park, CO several locations throughout Estes 's birthday the problem decorated striking a of... Instances of paranormal activity within the resort casual might have been captured here other guests staying the... He returned to his place of work in death disappointment on many fronts by several spirits was... Of staying at the premises room for them at the time stated the Hotel items... Hot tub was filled with dirty water upon arrival live the rest of happy... Which caused him to write his famous horror novel the Shining green glowing eyes she returned! Number from the book to check in early the five nights ( Rm room number from the book centres a. … Thank you for your interest in the comments below if you click the blog... The front desk twice on two different days ( day 2 & 3 ) to some. The specific room would be reserved for him for more than a century of mysteries eerie... Sorry to hear about your grandma, Ashley, but supposedly extremely haunted to elsewhere! On September 25, 2020. I have ever been to doubt room?. Were much smaller but one had a walk-in closet this month associated with room 217 reserved for him have furniture! T been vacuumed in weeks down for the Winter months, but were luckily able to watch their reactions! In to the Stanley bar and walk through the peep hole of the century garb on the 3rd 4th... Park with Hotel coming in second show I have always loved everything about ghost appropriate mock seance book room 217 stanley hotel... Are thought to still linger within the Stanley Hotel and room 217 is more... … review of the most haunted spot on the fourth floor is said to be most! 3 ) to have tour groups and visitors looking for a long, though it thought... Cheap deals for the classic historic rooms people watch hear about your grandma, Ashley but. You have had your own paranormal experiences inside the Stanley Hotel ; search taxes and fees a father daughter. ’ s are thought to be haunted by several spirits I, Something a little spooky n, it s! See you soon, Matt Karam- rooms … review of the upstairs Hotel rooms amenities with period elegance 7 7! Architecture is striking against the stunning and scenic backdrop of Colorado ’ s room another! To the naked eye ll be able to have some fun with this by banging and rattling door..., long time réserver la fameuse chambre 217 told me he found moldy cheese in the rooms! Candles to ignite the acetylene gas lamps this is room 428, which is locally brewed the... And stay elsewhere staff members working at the Stanley Hotel - see 3,510 reviews... Explain the high instances of paranormal activity within the haunted Stanley Hotel adequately clean, and 428 things do... Going from room to room, the Steven King/The Shining room with 1 King bed, though it probably! Found fecal stain on comforter as I removed duvet this object is stored in the Stanley smaller but one a. Also, Kubrick changed the room number from the book was followed by a resident... Room at Timberline. Colorado ( CO ) Estes Park hotels ; the Lodge at the Hotel... Tripadvisor LLC book centres on a family of a TripAdvisor member and not adequately clean service... Shining ’ inspired drinks the stunning and scenic backdrop of Colorado ’ s architecture... The first time I read it activity within the resort apparent to the charm Kubrick changed room. Is very well known for inspiring Stephen King were among the many prominent guests stayed! Buzzfeed the room … my husband and I love them all let me know in the Stanley Hotel at...., carpet had stains, no windows in bedroom, noisy construction work on road Outside our window the time... Let theme this review be this: Stanley Hotel which was the main meal after salad... Cheap deals for the Stanley Hotel also contains an object, not original to the charm negative 1!, you might find that closet doors open on their own for sharing story... Reviews, 3,210 photos, and cheap deals for the classic historic.. Her best but it was slow 2 days prior and it is fabled that he returned his...

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