We are a young fast growing business process and IT outsourcing company. Currently our two main areas of service are:

Contact Center: we can build your sales and brand with our enthusiastic high caliber multilingual staff.
Software development: we can solve complex issues with creative solutions to speed up and enhance your in-house developments Click on the links above for details information.

Are there other areas you want to outsource? Try us! We are always looking to serve our clients with an increasingly comprehensive range of services. Contact the team to discuss your needs.

Contact Center
Social Media
Software Development

Contact Center

Transcend understands the importance of your customers to your business. Customer service is an integral part of your business. Assuring that you customers are being interacted with in a professional manner and are given the correct image of your brand is paramount for retaining your customers and gaining their loyalty. In addition, having the appropriate outreach of your brand in the market will increase the interest of customers in your brand, hence, acquiring new customers and retaining your current customers. Transcend provides inbound and outbound customer services around the clock where we assure that your brand is properly represented at all stages of your customer’s lifecycle with our enthusiastic, articulate, empathetic, and multilingual agents. In addition, we provide Business Processes Outsourcing BPO where you can outsource some of your non-primary operations for us to conduct and process. This will save you the costs of investing in processing these operations in-house as well as save you the time and effort for you to concentrate and develop your prime business operations.


Transcend’s contact center will always deliver the brand image wanted with full professionalism and efficiency.


Transcend can provide you with the services needed to carry out any campaign or strategy that your business may need. Our center is designed to exercise as an extension of your company’s marketing, sales, and customer care strategies by enforcing your brand image and assuring proper outreach is obtained.

Social Media

• Increase reach, brand awareness and credibilty
• Generate interactions and Improve quality of leads
• Increase conversion rate
• Keeps current customers engaged and increase loyalty

Our services

With us, you can create compelling brand content along with the optimal media mix to enhance your social and web presence. Your content activity is measured and monitored to maximize your brand image and search results ranking and market research. We generate surveys and leads by telemarketing and our online and social media strategy.
Reach and acquisition
Not only do you need to retain current customers, you also need to acquire new ones. Our promotional strategies and exclusive marketing services ensure that your sales. Our staff aims to assist and strengthen your business through Telesales, telemarketing and social media marketing.
Lead generation
Leads are the people who are interested in your product and service, and they are essential to your business. Through database farming and social media flowing into your CRM pipeline, we help you convert leads to loyal customers by managing them in a systematic and structured way.
Our sales team is exclusively recruited, trained, and managed for each client. We develop sales plans, recruit highly qualified sales professionals and manage them to meet your revenue goals. A main feature of sales is to convert leads to customers by tele-sales and following leads through online and social media. Transcend does its best to offer you the highest quality services in Palestine. From telecommunications to marketing and web development, we got your back!
Campaign support
It can be a long, confusing and overwhelming process to create your own media, distribute it and monitor its impact. Your campaign must be well-managed and carefully planned and we have the human resources to support your campaigns at any stage.

Customer care

Transcend has a well-developed Inbound Contact Center and has well trained staff who can provide your customers with the needed support and satisfaction. Transcend recruits and trains agents who are highly competent and skilled to handle inbound call center services such as customer services, tech issues, complaints, etc. These agents have excellent command of the English both spoken and written and have underwent extensive training to master all of the needed skills to reach your customer’s satisfaction and having the job well done.The services we provide under Customer Care are as follows:
  • Customer Services 24/7
  • Help Desk and Tech Services
  • Reservation Services
  • Bill Information & Collection
  • Data Entry
  • Winning back lapsed customers
  • Retention and loyalty

Software development

The backbone of every successful site is its IT system. For low costs, we optimize your systems, ensuring your security and all the while keep you updated with the latest applications and platforms. We employ highly skilled and motivated developers, researchers and scientists with experience in a wide range of programming languages and tools. This includes: web applications, Java, image processing and computer vision, RDBMS and NoSQL databases, ontology and semantic web, enterprise servers, software engineering methodologies, software analysis and design, testing frameworks, and software deployment.

Our services

Big Data
We supply effective usage of vast amounts of structure and unstructured data. Data from sources beyond internal databases adds significant value and competitive advantages to your brand. We help develop enterprise-wide analytics and business critical solutions for companies trying to effectively use large amounts of structured and unstructured data from various sources.
Create, deploy, and manage mobile and paginated reports with the ready-to-use tools and services from SQL Server Reporting Services
Research and Development
We nurture solutions to complex problems in fields including Machine Learning, NoSQL, Big Data, Semantic Web, and Ontology Engineering. Our teams are kept updated with cutting edge developments. We build Smart systems and model your data to follow latest standards in technology and the world of IT.
Web and Mobile Applications
We provide on-time high quality delivery in a range of web application development languages such as Angular &NodeJS. We can even add functionality to existing platforms such as Salesforce. In terms of mobile applications, we provide development for Android and IOS platforms, native and cross-platform. We design for extensibility, low maintenance and evolution cost.
Algorithms Development and Optimization/ Algorithm Creation
We are experienced in algorithm design and optimization and in particular, search engine and query optimization. With proven skills in NoSQL data remodeling under mark logic, we tackle complex problems and inefficient algorithms, achieving significant improvements in query resolution time that help you operate your digital business smoothly.
Data Science
We meddle our fingers in data analysis, data clean up and processing, information discovery and retrieval, clustering, classification, data modeling and design. With our experienced background, we can advise you on best approaches to analyze and manage your data; and best ways to achieve data summaries and discover hidden patterns.