Want to Gain Happy Clients for Life? Hire a call center


At some point along the way while running a business, there will come times when some serious decisions should be made, decisions that fall into the “make it” or “break it” category, such as: should I expand the team? Should I outsource? Should I cut the budget here and dedicate more money there? Should I hire a call center?

Nobody will know for sure what your business needs more than you as a business owner, however, reaching out to some experts in the field might help you make the right decision, and we as Transcend can help you in particular in making up your mind about the last question above, that is “Should I hire a call center?”.

A call center can only bring so much to your business! So if you are considering hiring/outsourcing a call center, allow us first to walk you through the many ways a call center could benefit your business:

1- Clients’ Data Mine!

There are many ways to collect data online about your clients, including call centers. They can help you get more info about many matters, such as:

  • The level of satisfaction of your clients.
  • Clients behavior patterns in general.
  • Filling in any missing information or surveys.
  • Get to know what your clients think about a new product or service instantly, before or after a release or an update.

And the list goes on and on.

2- Cost & Time Effective

If your business nature requires answering a huge amount of calls now or in the near future, you should definitely hire a call center.

While your in-house employees can handle a call or two or a bit more, having to handle tons of calls daily might cost you so much time and money, as it might drive the attention span of your employees to answering calls and trying to handle clients of all types instead of finishing their actual tasks and work, distraction at its best … worst!

So, to sum it up a call center can help you reduce the amount of time & money required to:

  • Train new employees to handle calls.
  • Install new software or buy new equipment to handle clients calls as well.
  • Finish in-house tasks by your full-time employees.
  • Produce high quality and detailed reports about your clients.

3- Different Languages & Time Zones? We’ve got you covered

Call centers usually come equipped with machinery and human resources necessary to handle every client and every situation, especially international calls from clients who speak different languages or live in a different time zone.

For example, Instead of not answering a client urgent call (because he is in the US fully awake in a sunny office and you are in Palestine sleeping in your cozy bed after midnight), hire a call center to answer the call for you, and gain the loyalty of another customer and another customer … and another customer.

4- Sell, Sell … Sell!

Call centers can help your product managers keep up with all the stages of each and every sale, from the moment a client calls to pre-order, up until the moment the service/product gets a 5 star rating from a happy client (Yes, 5 stars! Hire a call center and you will see!)

This is also a two-way relationship, as you can always push your clients to buy a new product directly by thorough and cozy calls with highly-skilled operators handling each conversation.

5- So much more

Call centers can do so much more for your business as well, including the following:

  • Want your customers to stay loyal and bring others? Hire a call center.
  • Want to handle each crisis with no delays? Hire a call center.
  • Want to be ahead of your competitors? Hire a call center.
  • Want to communicate better with your customers giving your brand a human touch? Hire a call center.

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about what kind of call center your business needs, and how we can help you hire the best call center to serve your clients in the most efficient way possible.

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